I recently got asked to give you guys some anti aging tips, recommend products and talk about crepey skin.

As we age, we all suffer from signs of aging. And botox is not always the answer.

In this post I will cover as much as I can in order to help you guys improve your skin.

We will start by talking about Crepey Skin.

What is Crepey Skin and How to treat it?

Crepey skin is a layer of skin that is dry, wrinkled, and looks like “crepe” paper. Read more about it on healthline.

I never suffered from crepey skin until I got a little older. Although I never got it in a severe manner, i still got some.

Then, I went out and looked for a way to get rid of crepe skin. And luckily I found it.

My favorite way to treat crepey skin is by using crepe erase, I have first found out about this product by reading crepe erase reviews. I highly recommend that you read these too before purchasing.

Some Anti Aging Tips

Now that we covered the topic that i get asked about the most, here are some more anti aging tips.

Eat clean

Avoid Alcohol

Excercise daily

Avoid fried foods

Avoid sugar at all cost

Drink plenty of water

Avoid “diet” drinks

While most of these tips are pretty obvious, let me talk about ‘diet’ drinks for a minute.

These type of drinks will make you feel like you’re not consuming sugar, which is true, but your body doesnt know that. Your body, due to the sweet taste will think you’re feeding it sugar, which causes a ton of issues.

Also these type of foods and drinks contain chemicals, and I suggest that yo uavoid them at all cost.


We all age, thats part of life. However, if you implement some of these tips and try to eat clean, stay healthy, excercise, and use the right prdocuts, you will age slower than you would have.

You can be a little older and still look great.

I hope you found this post helpful, please share it with your friends.


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