Nyle is very unique and has an awesome personality. Due to his celebrity status and popularity we keep getting questions about his personal life, and thats what this post will cover.

We will answer all of the questions we’ve gotten about Nyle, and more!

So lets dive right into it.

How old is nyle dimarco?

Nyle is 30 years old, he was born at May 8, 1989.

Who is Nyle dimarco dating?

Nyle is currently single and not dating anyone.

Where does Nyle dimarco live?

For obvious reasons we can’t expose his home address, but Nyle currently lives in California.

Where Was Nyle Dimarco Born?

Nyle was born in Queens, New York.

Can Nyle DiMarco speak?

Thats a common question, Nyle can speak but prefers not to. He is deaf and can’t hear the sound of his own voice.

Can Nyle DiMarco Hear?

No. Nyle is deaf.

How did Nyle Become Famous?

Nyle became famous, or is most known for his appearance in Americas next top model, in season 22. He is known for being the first deaf top model to appear on the show and is extremely proud to represent the deaf community.

Is Nyle Dimarco vegan?

While Nyle completely supports the vegan community and their choice of foods, he is not vegan.

Where did nyle dimarco go to school?

Nyle went to school in Maryland school for the deaf.

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